Friday, April 6, 2007

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Andrew's post from April 2nd

Don't want this to get lost (it was in the comments):

Andrew reporting with a Grandmum blog update....New arrivals including myself, Eva, Amira, Kathy, Michael, Brian, Karen, and Caleb "Bah Bah" Glaser are all in the mix at the Crestview household enjoying such things as eating, cooking, eating, playing with Kaleb, asking Grandmum about EVERYTHING, and looking through old photos.

I asked Grandmum about the parties she and Papa used to throw and then sleep in while the kids went through the house hunting for candy and apparently once or twice, forced a younger sibling to smoke a leftover cigarette lying around. I kiddingly suggested that while they were "hungover" in bed, Michael was telling Annie to smoke cigarettes and Grandmum looked me dead serious out of the corner of her eye and corrected, "I never got hungover. I could handle my alcohol." (there was that one time with the martini's at the Cape and the moving sidewalk...she got into that briefly but I'll post that story later.)

In other news, last night going through the Hagadah, Grandmum came upon a song, L Chi something or other, a beautiful song ("and you shall be a blessing"), and after two seconds of looking at the music, got up and marched to the piano and began playing this enchanting little piece while my mom and I sang the words by her side and held open the book of music. Unbelievable. Sending HUGE love from Thrillmette on this Passover. More to come....

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Weekend visit

One of the great joys for Karen and me during the weekend before Seder was introducing 14 month old Caleb to Grandmum. The first picture was taken Sunday; I think we'll call it, "Grandmum and Caleb share a laugh." There are others which could be called, "Grandmum instructs Caleb," "Grandmum and Caleb share a moment," or "Caleb commandeers Grandmum's walker" (that walker was his ticket to freedom and he journeyed all around Grandmum's apartment and the Brentan's house with it). In any case, I think the two of them hit it off nicely.

As we got ready to go see Grandmum before leaving for the airport, I said to Caleb, "We're going to say bye-bye to Ro-Ro." Caleb replied, "Ro-Ro." As she has with all of us, I'd say Grandmum made quite an impression. We are very grateful for the time with Grandmum and the chance to enjoy the Seder with family.

With wishes of Shalom for all,
Brian, Karen, and Caleb

Thursday, March 29, 2007

wednesday and thursday

somehow posts i thought i had made have not appeared. so try try again.

yesterday (wednesday) mom was tired. on tuesday she had said goodbye to joshua g, gone to exercise class, gone to ceramics, gone to her private exercise session, and then dressed and gone down to dinner with her tuesday night dinner table friends! today, (thursday) Ro-ro is not sooo tired. Joshua B. is here now, and Mom perked right up for a good comversation with him!

Mom is just loving all of your visits, and remembering them/anticipating them fondly. we are enjoying reading some great poetry(send poems you particularly love!), talking about current events, and remembering lots of things from the past ... many things we didn't know we rememb
ered. also learning some new things.... such as that she and daddy both had bumps on the tips of their noses and that on the inside of her wedding ring there are two dots between the r and the m and that those dots represent the twin bumps on their noses!

Mom also needs time when no one is finish the shawl she is weaving for annie, nap, re-group, write her thank you notes, read the paper, read the notes that come in the mail, and make contributions. she continues to enjoy the frappachinos, the lentil soup karina made for her, the pea soup from judy havis, califlower cream soup with sherry that debbi made for her, and the incredible shakes that annie makes up for her with ensure, ice cream of many kinds, etc. etc. Mom drinks a little at a time....

I don't think that ro-ro has been on this blog yet. we need to get her on it.
love to all who read this blog of love,

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I am trying to send some pictures and can't get them to up-load--

any advice?

(dear mom

how come the world never changes!!!!!?????!!!)



Tuesday, March 27, 2007

from judy

dear everyone,

just to tell you all that grandmum is LOVING getting notes and e-mails. when she wakes up in the middle of the night she checks her e-mail, and is very joyful about getting messages. Then, of course, it is always nice when the mail is brought up and she see notes among what she calls the "gimme letters. " She is keeping all the notes in a bowl and they are sometimes rearranged, so I think she goes through them again.

I think nothing is too much in terms of times you send her your love in various ways!

we stopped on the way over this morning to get Mom a frappachino with whipped cream AND chocolate drizzle. She scarfed it down! and later she had a cup of split pea soup that judy havis (kassie's daughter) had brought over that we liquified in the blender (that kassie brought her as an early b-day gift) and thinned with chicken broth. Jayme has told her that she needs to eat (well, drink) in order to have the energy to enjoy all the people coming in to see her! She is good at taking orders from Dr. Borensztajn.

keeping up energy is a relative thing, tho. The truth is that Ro-ro is feeling weaker than she felt last week.
we'll keep you posted.
love to all